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The Washington Post: There's a mental health crisis in college sports. I know it first hand.

The recent tragic deaths of female student-athletes have raised urgent questions. Perspective by Devi Jags. April 29, 2022

Around 50 percent of sexual violence incidents on college campuses happen between August and November.

A poem about military sexual violence completely broke her down, said Jags. It helped her understand what happened to her. That she wasn't alone ...

The Lily: The ‘red zone’ is the most dangerous time of year for campus sexual assault. Here’s what you need to know. 

TeenVogue: Like Selena Gomez, Accepting My Bipolar Disorder Means Finding New Strength

In this op-ed, Devi Jags explores how she relates to Selena Gomez in her new documentary, and what being diagnosed with bipolar disorder means for her.

TeenVogue: Constantly Mispronouncing My Name Isn't Just Lazy, It Disrespects My Namesake

Amid historic levels of anti-Asian violence, it's crucial this Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month to not just rally against racism, but to uplift stories of joy that show the fullness of the AAPI experience. This May, Teen Vogue is shining light on that full spectrum, from history you're not taught in school to cultural contributions we'd all be worse without. In this op-ed, Devi Jags explores the importance of her namesake.

A new relationship on the hit teen drama could open a dialogue on a nuanced facet of female desire

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 2.19.04 PM.png

VOGUE India: Never Have I Ever has a budding new romance. Spoiler, it’s not Devi’s

Women working in craft beer have been anonymously sharing experiences of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and racism on the job. Some are speaking out.

Bon Appétit: What It's Like to Be a Woman in the Craft Beer Industry


Whether you're three hours or a whole continent apart, long distance is one of the toughest challenges a relationship can face. You get less face-to-face time, you can't read your S.O.'s body language, and sometimes, you even have to navigate a time difference. Thanks to constant marketing (and, of course, Instagram photos of happy couples spending time together), Valentine’s Day can become a very pressure-filled holiday for people in LDRs.

Women's Health: 40 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day In A Long-Distance Relationship


Ms. Magazine: Over Half of College Sexual Assaults Happen Between Orientation and Thanksgiving. Here’s How to Protect Survivors

More than half of sexual assaults on campus occur between orientation and Thanksgiving—but with the amount of new students on campus doubling as a result of COVID-19, these numbers risk being doubled as well.

As a full-time student-athlete running track in college, I felt there was no room to tarnish my image. So, I let that night eat me alive. I never could have imagined I would be sexually assaulted twice. But three years later, when it happened again, I took action — I reported my sexual assault.


EliteDaily: Here's What Really Happens After You Report Your Sexual Assault

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