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Devi Jags Writing Community for Student-Athletes

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In my sophomore year as a student-athlete at Xavier University, my world felt like it was caving in on me. I battled anxiety, depression, and PTSD. My relationship with my sport suffered, and I turned to writing as an outlet to comprehend my life on a college campus. When I was a student-athlete, mental health was rarely discussed. The negative stigma surrounding the sports world and mental wellness is still a needed resource, something I believe that all athletes need in order to find success on the field and off. This course is designed for current and former student-athletes. It was inspired by my old diaries, my generous writing coaches and mentors, and interviews with student and professional athletes nationwide. Through guided prompts, this course aims to elevate your mental fitness and wellness, dig deeper into your sports psyche, and reignite the spark that drives you to your own success. Your purchase for the Devi Jags Writing Community for Student-Athletes includes the following: -20 days of guided video writing prompts -Access to an exclusive community to connect with other current and former student-athletes -1:1 meet & greet with Devi Jags -Live virtual meet & greet of writing community members (to be held once a year) The cost of this program is $50 USD. If a member needs financial assistance or a scholarship, do not hesitate to reach out. To sponsor student spots, please contact directly at

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